All About A Career as a Truck Driver

Have you ever thought of being a truck driver? Well, most people despise this profession not knowing that it is far more than it appears to be. As much as truck driving is not the most glamorous of jobs, it presents a rare chance of traveling. Moreover, you also get a rare chance to manage your day. When it comes to considering what you will be taking home, the earnings are quite satisfactory. Truck driving is much more than sitting behind the steering wheel, and it could be perfect for you.

Job description

lady truck driver

The most basic skill needed to become a truck driver is the ability to drive. You must also be more than 18 years old and a holder of a full car license. From there, you can then get basic LGV training and obtain a certificate of competence. Besides the driving requirements, you will be expected to oversee loading and unloading of your truck. This includes planning the route and completing the necessary paperwork.

Additional skills

To be a truck driver, you need to be a person of sound concentration, and you should be able to work under minimal supervision for extended periods. You also need to be knowledgeable about matters safety on the roads. Also, safety while loading and unloading cargo. Besides this, you also need to have sound interpersonal skills considering that you will be dealing with other drivers, traffic police, and your clients.

Working hours

On average, most transport companies require transport drivers to work for at least 42 hours per week. This could be during either the night or day depending on the job at hand. Thus, you should be willing to spend some time away from your family to complete some job. However, as much as you might be working for some extra hours during some weeks, it is imperative to abide by laws on the breaks needed.

Types of truck driving jobs

driving a truckThere are many types of truck driving jobs. Each of these jobs has its unique requirements and might be suited to different people. You can be either a local driver, a city driver, or a long distance driver. For instance, city drivers are usually comfortable navigating areas with high traffic, whereas local drivers are given to individuals who do not want to work far from home.

All factors considered; the prospects of being a truck driver are worthwhile. This is among the most overlooked professions that could be quite rewarding.…