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How to Choose Quality Shock Absorbers

If you are replacing your car’s shock absorbers, make sure that you identify the perfect types of shock absorbers that you need to purchase. However, at times, when buying these shocks or struts for your vehicle, it cannot be apparent to make the right choice. That is why we decided to make our customers a buyer’s guide that will help them to make the right choice. Therefore, with this Fox shocks and struts buyer’s guide, we will answer most of the questions you may have concerning buying these car parts or tools.

What Is a Shock Absorber?

A shock absorber is part of a vehicle’s suspension system that helps to keep the car from bouncing. In other words, these tools will help to offer you better handling, unlike the struts. However, depending on the type of vehicle that you have, it can have rear shock absorbers and front struts. Therefore, make sure that you identify the ones that your car has before buying any of the replacement parts.

It is crucial to understand that shock absorbers work by connecting the springs to the wheels. While driving your car, you will notice that the springs will bounce according to the terrains where you are traveling. If you decide that you want to purchase these auto parts, here are factors that you need to put into consideration.

Get the Right Type of Shocks

car wheelIt is always essential to ensure that you buy the right kind of shocks for your car. However, with the available options in most auto shops, it can be hard for most buyers to make an informed purchasing decision. Let’s first identify the available types before making further remarks.

Heavy Duty Shocks

The heavy-duty shocks have a large center shaft that has beefed-up attachment points with a larger diameter than the standard shocks. Most car buyers recommend them because they are made with SUVs, vans, and trucks. If your vehicle is carrying a more massive load, these are the perfect shocks that you need to purchase.

Standard Shocks

The standard shocks are offered with your vehicle or car when you buy it. Ideally, they are approved and basic, with no unique features.

Gas Shocks

The gas shocks are also among the most commonly used shocks in various types of cars. It is critical to note that these shocks are created with nitrogen and sealed with oil. If you have smaller vehicles, this type of shocks will last for an extended period compared with the standard shocks.…